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All of our services offered are in strict compliance with the criteria and recommendation as described in BS EN 62305:2011 "The Protection of Structures against Lightning" and BS7430 2011+A1:2015 Earthing along with the relevant sections of the IEE Wiring Regulations – 17th Edition.

In brief our services include, but are not limited to:


A full consultancy service can be provided to assist clients to determine the requirements and use of the Lightning Protection systems on a variety of properties.


A comprehensive visual only pre-test survey can be provided to determine whether a Lightning Protection system is in place prior to having a full test performed.

Risk Assessments

In accordance with BSEN 62305:2011 Part 2 Risk Management, a complex and comprehensive risk calculation should take place to determine the level of Lightning Protection required on each structure and risks pertaining to loss of life.

System Design

Our BS EN 62305:2011 accredited designers can provide a full design service.

We are also more than able to work in conjunction with clients specified design and collaborate to ensure that an appropriate and compliant design is created.


Where installations had been designed and installed to the previous British Standard BS6651 we can provide upgrade to systems which will assist to ensure that the system is compliant to the current standard.


A full installation service for any clients requiring a Lightning Protection System – new or refurbished – is provided by our fully qualified staff discussing the best options to ensure that a fully compliant system will be installed to all the current British standard.

Test and Commissioning

Visit, test and inspection of the system(s) to ensure that the design is compliant with the relevant standard, this includes the checking of earth resistances and general condition of the system, a full report will be produced as part of this service and will be reported to clients in a timely fashion.

This inspection is a FULL service and not just a visual or readings only service.

Remedial works

Where required we will carry out remedial works on systems to ensure the correct earth resistances, general condition of the system and ensure compliance with the relevant standard.

Early Streamer Preventor Systems

Early Streamer Emission Systems – whilst these are not a recommendation of either BSEN 62305 or BS 6651 we are able to supply and install these if specified as part of your works

CAD drawings

A full CAD drawing service is available.

Soil resistivity surveys

Using the Wenner or Schlumberger methods with appropriate equipment we can determine your soil resistivity readings requirements.

Transient/Surge Protection

It is recognised that not only will a direct strike to a structure cause damage but that indirect strikes may also cause expensive, irreplaceable electrical equipment and data services to be hit by Lightning. This is where the installation of Surge Protection Devices will become a necessary part of the full protection to your building. We will work in conjunction with the client to ensure that appropriate and fully compliant devices are supplied, we can also offer an installation service.

Static Earthing Systems

In accordance with BS 7671 we are able to assist with earthing and bonding requirements to ensure that full protection is given to your project.

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